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Natalie Westling | Alexander McQueen A/W14

Natalie Westling | McQ Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2014

Photographer | Karim Sadli


Roch Barbot | Lacoste | Spring/Summer 2014 Eyewear Campaign

Emma Waldo | Vogue Japan

Emma Waldo | Vogue Japan August 2014

Photographer | Victor Demarchelier

Stylist | Aurora Sansone

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Sybille Gebhardt is Elite Model Look (EML) UK's official nutritionist and yoga teacher and has worked with our contest finalists and Elite models over the past two years. As part of the EML 2014, Sybille teaches the ‘Healthy Cooking’ and ‘Yoga for Better Posture’ classes. 
(Read PART 1 of the interview here)

There are always speculations about models being unhealthy. Is this a misconception?

I’ve found that some models will be very clued up on exercise and nutrition, while others simply don’t care. Most are very young and worrying about their health might not be on top of the list of their agenda. Using myself and my experiences as an example, although I thought I was healthy and fit, as everything was going so well as a model, I quickly came to realise that I was too busy and tired to look after myself properly. That’s when I knew I needed to make a change.

My personal goal is to bring awareness that everyone is the master of their own health and wellbeing. Beyond that, it’s up to the individual to decide.

How does it differ between girls and boys?

Female models are often told to tone up and loose weight, because there still is a strict rule on how many centimeters your hip should to be. Girls are a bit more careful around food, and sometimes prone to fall into an obsessive behavior not least because the Internet and model colleagues provide a new fad diet on a daily basis.

In my experience you have two types of attitude around food with the male models. The first type couldn’t care less about what they eat and the second type is really clued up on a healthy diet and exercise routine.

What is your advice to young boys and girls in their teens, as they are growing and developing their sense for a healthy lifestyle? 

Firstly and most importantly use basic ingredients and don’t overcomplicate things! Every six months a new diet is coming out and you are not going to do anything if you are confused. Most of the models will experience a fast-paced job and need to resort to a fall-back list of healthy meals. After a long day on a photoshoot they’ll be coming home exhausted and will probably crave something nourishing, simple, and satisfying. This is were you need your two ingredients and five minutes recipes with option for variations, which is exactly what I will be teaching the EML finalists.

Secondly, you have to be positive – the healthiest food won’t nourish you if you are feeling unhappy.

Thirdly, find productive movement – no one likes boring exercise – find a sport that you like and have fun with, but make sure you move! 

Fourth, we need to look at our environment - where do you life and work, what clothes are you wearing? Everyone can go to the gym and eat well, but you also need to consider that you spend most of your life in your work and home environment. We have created such toxic places, with toxic paint, toxic cleaning products, Wifi, air conditioning, petrochemicals in clothing, car fumes, pesticides, vaccines, and drugs. So, it is good to reduce or avoid unnatural things that have crept into your environment. Going organic really does help! 

As a teenager, I wish I'd known...

that smoking is really not worth it! 

A lot of people are stuck with busy schedules - what's the essential first step to turn around someone's diet and get into an exercise routine?

We live in a society built around busyness and distracting ourselves from boredom, often accompanied by a feeling of inadequacy. Sitting still somehow has become uncomfortable.

However, a deficit in ‘passive’ periods during the day, something we had for 99.9% of human history, means that we do not have the time for proper digestion, for our bodies to properly repair themselves or actually gain the replenishment of resources from all the healthy but expensive foods we buy. Moreover, the unnatural rhythms of our days (staying active from dawn to dusk when in the past we would have factored in proper rest periods) mean that our sleep cycles are also disrupted, driving us to destructive dietary choices and self-medication.

In this environment it’s no wonder that chronic diseases and stress readily accumulate.

With this in mind, we need to find a balance between restful states and more active periods.

My colleague and I are helping clients at the Light Centres to do just this. Exhausted from the daily rat-race and pressures of family life, our clients need to recharge their batteries before they can introduce a balanced healthy routine into their lives.

Over the weekend of September 6th & 7th, we will be hosting a revitalising and transformative weekend to help people achieve exactly this balance. At the Reboot Urban Retreat at the Light Centre Belgravia in London you’ll embark on an easy, brief cleansing programme with delicious cold-pressed juices and nuts milks to start shifting the inevitable backlog of toxins that City dwelling brings. There will be easy, relaxing and gently strengthening yoga, mindfulness meditation to learn tools to bring passivity to the mind throughout the day, and fun and fascinating talks and demonstrations on how to easily maintain a healthy diet for life. Booking via the Light Centre Belgravia – quote ‘EML 2014 Sybille’ and you’ll get a 15% discount for the Reboot weekend.

Wouter Peelen | Ermenegildo Zegna

Wouter Peelen | Ermenegildo Zegna | 2014 Underwear Campaign

Photographer | Van Mossevelde+N

Styling | Mauricio Nardi

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Maud Le Fort | Harper's Bazaar China

On The Water | Maud Le Fort | Harper's Bazaar China July 2014

Photographer | Benjamin Kanarek

Stylist | June Nakamoto

Hair | Mehdi R'Guiba

Makeup | Deedee Dorzee

Manicure | Agathe Pons

Xavier Buestel | Gucci Men

Xavier Buestel | Gucci Men 2014 Fall/Winter Campaign

Photographers | Mert & Marcus

Harry Pulley | Essential Homme

Harry Pulley | Essential Homme | Louis Vuitton's Icons Collection

Photographer | A.P. Kim

Styling | Terry Lu

Styling Assistant | Ellie Rogers

Grooming | Elizabeth Morache

Josephine Le Tutour | Vogue Italia

Graphic & Graphic | Josephine Le Tutour | Vogue Italia July 2014

Photographer | Craig McDean


Baptiste Radufe | AG Jeans Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign 

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Interview with Sybille Gebhardt - Official nutritionist and yoga teacher for Elite Model Look (Part 1)

Sybille Gebhardt is Elite Model Look (EML) UK's official nutritionist and yoga teacher and has worked with our contest finalists and Elite models over the past two years. As part of the EML 2014, Sybille teaches the ‘Healthy Cooking’ and ‘Yoga for Better Posture’ classes. 

Sybille is a leading London-based yoga teacher and naturopath. Her desire for continued education in the health sciences led her to study at the University of Westminster, the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, and with the British Wheel of Yoga.

What was your experience working as the official nutritionist with the Elite Model Look finalists last year?

Last years EML event was a lot of fun for me. The nutrition and cooking class focused on maintaining energy levels through foods. The 24 EML finalists circled around the Central Street Cookery school’s kitchen nested in the heart of Shoreditch. The boys and girls got to sample fresh juices and foods and explored ways of creating easy, quick, gluten-free meals from scratch. This group we had was very interested in exploring the subject of healthy eating further. Which I maintain is essential to general wellbeing and coping with the demands on these young people as they begin their careers in the fashion industry. 

You will also give a nutrition class at this year's EML bootcamp - what can the finalists expect?

Well, its really good to be returning. This year’s programme will focus on nutrition for luminous skin, and we will also demistify staying tone-up to be healthy. There are perceived barriers for a lot of people. And I will tear them down for the students. 

For two hours, the finalists and myself will be cooking and sampling around 10 recipes. All of them will use fresh, in-season ingredients, without grains. We will use natural sugars, fish, eggs, and limited dairy (only plain yoghurt and goats cheese). My goal is to bring basics back into the kitchen – fresh ingredients, intuition, and creativity. I’ll approach this in a relaxed and playful way, linking the art of cooking back to the senses of taste, touch, and smell. 

Yes, there is an abundance of science and literature to prove endless theories about how food can affect your skin’s health and your weight - some information on these topics I will provide – but I will certainly NOT omit yummy deserts, or teach the group to count calories. The way I will propose we eat can work into your lifestyle, so you can enjoy food more and worry less. 

A lot of the models we scout have amazing bodies. Would you say that's luck or does it mean they are already on the right track with their nutrition and physical exercise?

That is an interesting question and one that can lead a young person down the wrong path as they assume that they don’t need to take care of themselves to maintain their beautiful physiques. Usually the models that get scouted are teenagers. At such a young age, the body is naturally a little fitter and has a higher metabolism. Of course good genes play a role too. 

In my experience, most young people don’t think about their diet too much. Which is quite normal. However, as they get into their late teens and early twenties, this ambivalence will lead to unwelcome physical changes. My philosophy is that conscious lifestyle changes that are adopted through what you eat can allow you to maintain your physique without ever having to worry about weight. What we want to avoid is letting these young people slip into life-threatening disorders, like anorexia or bulimia. 

Have you always maintained a healthy diet yourself or was there a turning point for you?

I have been a fashion and fitness model for 17 years. My journey into yoga and natural health care started in my late teens, as a model I was traveling throughout the world and often stayed in ‘model apartments’. These apartments rarely had a well-equipped kitchen, and I had little time to prepare meals due to my busy schedule. ‘Simple and quick’, back then meant eating a bag of raisins or other sugary foods. Which didn’t do me any good. I needed to find ways of maintaining my energy levels for a demanding job. Most of the models I met, including me, were living quite an unhealthy lifestyle. In my case this lifestyle led to recurrent health issues and low immunity, which forced me to look beyond traditional medicine. 

One of my modelling colleagues suggested coming along to a Hatha yoga class taught by Faustomaria Dorelli in West London. I was instantly taken by the magic of yoga and its benefits on my body and mind. I was hooked and yoga added structure and calm to my life as a model which until then had lacked discipline. 

Inspired by the yogic teachings, I found a way to eat and live that made me feel vibrant, strong and healthy. I started to use food as my medicine, I began to understand the benefits of breathing well, thinking more positive, being more in the present moment and aware of how I moved. 

If we were to rummage through your fridge, what would we find?

Here a picture of the foods from my fridge and kitchen cupboard laid out in my garden.

A diet based on fruit and vegetables, if underpinned by a core of green leafy vegetables, will provide practically all of the macro and micronutrients that a human being needs, even protein (there’s more protein per pound of spinach than there is in meat!). All we need is an additional extra source of essential fatty acids (say from fish, certain oils or wild meat) to create a balanced diet. All the other foods introduced or invented since farming began are unnecessary at best and usually destructive at worst. I teach people what to include and what to leave out. It’s really very easy! 

It's fair to say, girls and boys alike are often jealous of models' toned bodies. What's your ultimate fitness tip?

Haha! Yes! We as a society do aspire to the perceived perfection that the models represent. What I would tell anyone who wants to have a strong and beautiful physique is this. The minimum for maintain your health and muscle mass is 35 minutes per day of productive movement for 5 days a week. Under productive movement I consider stretching, aerobics, resistance, and circulatory enhancing movement. For me yoga is one of the best exercises incorporating all of the above and you can practice it anywhere. 

Here, I’ve selected five ultimate tone-up yoga postures for you. 

Plank Pose – tone-up your arms

Come into Plank Pose with your hands shoulder-width apart, arms straight, feet hip-width apart, and your heels, ankles, butt, spine, shoulders, neck, and head in one diagonal line. Bend your elbows to lower your body, keeping your elbows hugged into your ribs. 

Try holding each position (with straight arms and with elbows bend) for 5 seconds and repeat coming up and down for about 12 times. You’ll also feel this in your abs as well as the whole body. Keep focused on your abs so you can keep the entire body in one strong line.

High Lunge – tone-up your legs

From Plank Pose, lift you hips and, with an inhalation, step your right foot forward. Step forward far enough so that your knee can form a right angle. Simultaneously, firm the left thigh and push it up toward the ceiling, holding the left knee straight. Lengthen you torso to the ceiling. Hold for 30 seconds then change the legs; repeat 5 times.

Horse Stance – tone-up your butt

Stand with your legs wide apart, toes turned out and the inner arches of your feet lifted. Bend your knees and see that they are over the toes, curl your tailbone under. Bring your hands to your thighs. Inhale deeply and, as you exhale, lift your heels of the floor. Inhale, and slowly place the heels back to the floor. Repeat 12 times, making sure that you keep your hips as low as is possible. 

Cross Body Crunch – tone-up your abs

Lie flat on your back and bend your knees to bring the shins parallel to the floor lifting your feet. Place your hands loosely behind your head. Now curl up and bring your right elbow and shoulder across your body to the left knee while stretching the right leg away from your torso. Exhale as you perform this movement. Try to bring your shoulder up toward your knee rather than just your elbow and remember that the key is to contract the abs as you perform the movement. Continue alternating legs and shoulders for at least 25 repetitions.

Cross Back Workout – tone-up your back

Come onto all fours with your wrists underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips. Lift your right arm out in front of you whilst stabilizing your body with your back and abs, then lift your left leg up behind you. Hold for 5 seconds and then change the arm and the leg. Repeat at least 12 times.

Kelly Mittendorf | Schön! #25

Angelic | Kelly Mittendorf | Schön! #25

Photographer | Jens Langkjaer

Stylist | Verity Parker

Hair | Teiji Utsumi

Makeup | Nami Yoshida

Manicure | Sophie Harris Greenslade